Seven Photos Four Stories



11 thoughts on “Seven Photos Four Stories

  1. I always found it very interesting the difference between materials used in constructions in the US and Brasil. I don’t know the terms, but it seems much simpler the way you do. We use lots of brick and cement to make walls, which is probably more expensive and slow.

    • Thanks, Lari! Masonry and cement are generally fairly economical building materials, especially if you don’t have a lot of coniferous forests to get lumber for framing. Good masons can build walls very quickly, so if construction is slow, it probably has more to do with regulations than anything else.

      • Well said. I think tho things are slow here because this is a way to get more money. It’s ridiculous, but it’s what (some) people do. You pay the masons for the day of service therefore if one takes more time to get the jobe done, one gets more money (of course, if no one notice the cheat). This in small works. Large works still have others interested in raising more this way. From contractors to the government itself 😦

  2. Looks to be one heck of a big grocery store…I like those, these days it is great to see all the different cultural food available ~ impressive series, the wood framing was good to see.

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