Backlit Bosque

Backlighting in the cottonwood forest


18 thoughts on “Backlit Bosque

    • Spunk caught a mouse, and he and Sasha were having so much fun with it, I didn’t had the heart to take it away. I just got back in from wading out into the middle of the river to get shots of the balloons splashing down into the water, and now I don’t see what they did with the mouse. And for some reason I don’t think they ate it.

  1. Long ago I couldn’t figure out what had happened to my sofa. It seemed to have developed a horrid stench. Were the materials somehow decomposing and creating that smell? As I crawled around it, and looked underneath and behind, I noticed Aspen being very protective of the lamp next to it. (A floor lamp that had several shelves.) Something was decomposing alright, but it was what he had hidden under the lamp…

    • I found the mouse. They had hidden it one of Laurie’s flamenco shoes. I pulled the mouse out of the shoe to throw it away, and Spunk gave me the most pitiful look. I gave it back to him, he batted it around, threw it in the air and played with it a while longer before he finally let me throw it away. The mouse has now had a proper trashcan burial in a little Ziplock body bag.

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