Fall Colors

Colors persist http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2015/12/fall-colors

14 thoughts on “Fall Colors

    • Thanks Gary. Summer in the south. I bet it’s beautiful. 13º F (-10.6º C) this morning. All seven cats were in bed with us this morning.

      • We often have 32º C+ with 20% or lower humidly in the summer here — very tolerable. I was in Ravenna, Italy with 40º C temps and 95%+ humidity — it was miserable.

  1. A still colorful walk for you. The colors are still quite vibrant! What kind of tall birds are those?
    Thanks for taking us on your beautiful walk!

  2. Gorgeous colors!
    I don’t thik I ever chose a favorite time of the year. Although, if I lived in the US or somewhere in Europe, I would go for the fall. I love, love this colors!

    • Thanks, Lari. The fall in NM is especially nice with cold nights, but generally mild daytime temperatures. We do get nice fall colors, but not as spectacular as some areas in the US.

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