Cha, Cha, Changes T – 26 Days


12 thoughts on “Cha, Cha, Changes T – 26 Days

  1. Over five years on you get to share that butterfly photo again. How wonderful. They are such a powerful symbol.

    My mum had a blood lymphoma and didn’t respond to treatment positively. After her death on Oct 2005, a butterfly landed at my feet in the garden. I’m not sure what kind it was, perhaps a Red Admiral. Every year since then, round about the same time, a butterfly appears. Your photo reminds me of it. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing how your blog looks during 2016.

  2. I love butterflies!

    It’s nice to know of your dedication through the years. And I’m sure that changing the posting schedule I’ll not affect the quality of your work 🙂
    Just be happy \o/

  3. You’re so amazing, Tim! It’s beautiful that you’re weaning us off of your daily postings in such a thoughtful and composed way. Not a surprising gift from such an exquisite composer, but very much appreciated! And I love the butterfly perched on a blue arc.

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