Rainy Days and Reyes

Rain and celebration http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/1/rainy-days-and-reyes


9 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Reyes

  1. Rain here as well. El Nino is having fun with us… don’t you think? So you went from snow to rain. How lovely!
    Now is Spanish Hot Chocolate anything like Mexican Hot Chocolate? I just bought some Mexican Hot Chocolate. I also picked up (in an antique store) a vintage Mexican Molinillo. (A wooden whisk)
    Planning on making some today or tomorrow!
    Have a good day with those Kitty’s! 🙂

    • Hi Nancy. I have never had Mexican hot chocolate, but I doubt they are alike. The Spanish hot chocolate is fairly involved to make and a big pot like Laurie makes takes about two hours of constant stirring while it slowly heats to get it to the correct thickness and smooth, creamy texture without scorching.

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