One for the Birds


Søren and Beaker at


12 thoughts on “One for the Birds

    • Hi Callie. I don’t know what “One for the Islands” is. I do a lot of cat posts and very few bird posts, so I was just doing a post for birds.

      • Haha, alright. It’s actually a short story by Patricia Highsmith and it’s totally irrelevant. I just read it — I guess that’s why it was on my mind. I like the birds, by the way!

      • I get where you are coming from. I often see references to books I’m reading and people are like “Huh?” when make a reference or ask about the reference. Is “One for the Islands” worthwhile?

      • It’s a pretty short story. It makes you wonder and it’s kind of dark when you start to think about it. So I would say, yes, it’s worthwhile.

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