Bite! Perfect Bra


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10 thoughts on “Bite! Perfect Bra

  1. I like the bra, but just ask any woman and they will tell you there is no perfect bra. They are all uncomfortable. I did bit of research once and found out they were invented by a man. Corset too. lol

  2. When you’re surrounded by women, like I am (and not counting my girl cats), every once in awhile the discussion turns to lingerie among them. That’s my cue to tune out the conversation. 🙂

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      • If that’s added to the shopping trip, I tell them I’ll be over by the sporting goods (if in WalMart). In the mall, I’ll find the closest thing to a clean table and buy a tall soda and something to eat. When the ladies find me they ask why I didn’t buy them anything to eat. 🙂

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      • You have multiple women to help each other sort through the myriad of colors, styles and sizes of bras. I get bras handed to me from the edge of the changing area, and told to go find the next size, or the same thing in a different color while Laurie tries on another bra. Then I have to stand there with three or four bras dangled in front of me and asked to answer which one I like the best, think is the cutest, has the best color combo and style — then I get a detailed explanation of the fit and feel of each bra, and the pros and cons of the sewing and construction of each of the garments. So while you get to have a cuppa (as Inchcock calls it), I have to fetch various lettered cups, analyze them and give my opinion of them.

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