Turkey Dawn


Awakened by gobbling and out photographing turkeys in my neighbor’s yard before sunrise:   http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/4/turkey-dawn


11 thoughts on “Turkey Dawn

  1. You like being awakened by crowing? I guess if it allows you to watch the sunrise it’s worth it. Great shot!

    • Well Emilio, it’s like this. I f I have to choose between being awakened by the gobbles from a Tom turkey, crows from a rooster, brays from a burro, bleating of hungry sheep, geese honking, the collective clucking of Sandhill Cranes, or even the yipping and howling from a chorus of coyotes — OR being awakened by the sound of gunfire, emergency alerts on my cell phone about killers on the run in the area, helicopters flying over the house, and fanboats buzzing up and down the river looking for villains and bodies, I’ll take the animal noises! Thank you!

      • Well, in that case I’m with you. I love he sound of a grandfather clock. It’s rhythmic ticking would put me to sleep at night. There’s just something soothing to the sound. My wife finds it annoying. Guess who won?

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