Stop and Smell the Flowers


More photos of Sasha and Spunk smelling the flowers at Β


22 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Flowers

    • Oh yes! They belong to us. Do a search for Spunk and you will find lots of entertaining kitty photos.

    • Grazie, Simona! Sasha and Spunk where on good behavior for a few seconds while they smelled the flowers. They are beautiful kitties, but they are a pair of wild beasts. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  1. That’s just too adorable!
    I adore cats, but I’ve never had one that smelled flowers.
    Some of the best and most fun pics are of animals smelling flowers.
    It shows how sensitive to beauty they are (since they don’t eat the flowers, it’s obvious they love the aromatic sent), dogs do love essential oils such as lavender, it really calms them down when they get hyper or are feeling ill or in pain, but not on their skin, near where they are only.

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