Pretty Fly (For a White Butterfly)


See more photos of the white butterfly and a touch of blue at


18 thoughts on “Pretty Fly (For a White Butterfly)

  1. OMG – I KNOW you hate the idea of greeting cards…but to have access to such beauty and to have the ability to give it as a gift/card – is priceless!!! What gorgeous photos – really Tim. So make prints and attach the actual photos to the card stock rather than printing on the stock – or whatever your choice – I think that you have so many gifts to share!!!!!

    Keep up the beautiful work!!!


  2. Fantastic detail, I love the fur on one of the butterflies on your other side, well done. It’s hard to capture intricate details like that, you are so talented.

    I still have your bee pic on my iPad, in fact, it’s also on my “About” page (hyperlinked to the original) even though I uploaded the one you sent to me which is larger.
    It’s funny, everyone used to tell me that I had to have an “About” page, but now that I put one up, I don’t see much traffic on it! lol
    Reminds me of all the other things people insisted that I do on my blog, and then it made no difference! lol
    Actually, the only reason that I did the “About” page was so that I could post your pic! and I love the quote too, I thought they both went well with my new blog URL.

    • Thanks, Genie. I just looked at, and commented on your “About” page. I rarely look at About pages, but I really like how you have done yours. Not only does the photo and quote compliment each other, I think the quote really says a lot “About” you and who you are.

      • Tim, why am I not receiving any notices on the “notifications” page (like WP used to do) that you, or everyone else where I leave a comment, has replied to the comment that I left? It’s outright wrong and inconsiderate of WP to have changed that feature. But then WP has made a lot of stupid changes, a lot of people have let them know too, but not one thing has been changed back to how it was before all these so called “improvements”.

      • I only get email notifications of likes if I’ve commented on another blog. I don’t get email notifications that people have replied to my comments on other blogs. I only get email notifications when people comment and reply on my posts. I can’t say why. WP drives me crazy.

  3. Great photos, once again. My wife is very deliberate about creating butterfly habitats in our garden and in the other gardens that she helps other people create. They are great creatures to see and have around.

    • Thanks, Matt! We have lots of butterfly bushes, but they also like all the flowers we have in the garden.

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