I Wake Up In The Morning To…


This photo is Lola after I’ve been pestering her with the camera in my phone. You can see what Lola looks like when I first open my eyes at       http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/5/i-wake-up-in-the-morning-to


19 thoughts on “I Wake Up In The Morning To…

    • Thanks, Genie! She was raised with dogs, and we’ve been giving her kitty therapy to learn how to be a cat.

      • What? lol I’ve never heard of a cat that lives with dogs needing therapy! It’s usually the dogs that need it! For instance, I had a Balinese cat that had my new baby Neoplitan Mastiif (20 pound baby!) so upset that she went up to my cat (after my cat pretended to claw my puppy’s eyes out!) by clawing so close to the puppy’s eye it scared both the pup and me, anyway, the pup went up to the cat (who was sitting on a chair) and made talking sounds to her as she waved her paws around showing the cat that it was unacceptable, anyway, the cat gave it up after that and the puppy (who grew to be 140 pounds!) allowed the cat to sit on top of her enormous head! Way too funny!

      • Lola was raised with 3 dogs who pushed her around, and so she got to be pretty aggressive about getting her way. It took Sasha, who as a kitten ignored Lola’s aggressiveness, and was so persistent she finally taught Lola how to play, but the other cats still don’t trust Lola to play because of her aggressive past. But Lola plays and purrs, now and has even started talking to me. She’s starting to exhibit much more cat like behavior.

  1. Tim, I submit that, you go to your “settings” in your dashboard and go to “discussion” and change the amount of replies to 10, it’s auto set for three but I find that it’s nice to have it set for more.

    That’s great about Sasha helping Lola; too bad about the other cats, though, perhaps cats have a pecking order? idk, just a thought, I’ve never had more than one cat at a time so I wouldn’t know.

    • Cats have a social order, and Diné, our 17 year old Navajo kitty, is still top cat. Lola is getting along better, and she sleeps with the other cats now, but they won’t play with her because they think she wants to fight.

      I get a long list of replies in my comments bubble from all sources — I don’t get notifications by email of replies from other blogs. It’s actually fine with me. I get way too much email as it is.

      • Interesting, so cats do have a pecking order.
        Seems to me that the fact the other cats let Lola sleep with them is progress.

        Yeah, I know what you mean, it does seem best to have the settings the way you have them, too much email is a lot of work, which is why I hardly ever email anyone and don’t have a phone so I don’t text either. Not that I’m against them, really handy for business purposes.

      • My wife and daughter talked me into getting a smart phone a few years ago. It’s convenient in many ways, but I miss my old dumb phone.

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