25 thoughts on “Corrales Cows

  1. I like seeing cows outside instead of in a building for their entire life.
    The little brown one is so cute.

  2. i like cows! Some month ago I’ve been on a walk when it started to get dark outside. I found a grassland with some cows on it and i just stood there and watched a cow and it watched me for some minutes. But suddenly the cow got shoked as if I’ve screamed into it’s face! The cow jumped up and startled me and the other cows and we’ve all been like: “What the hell did just happen?!”… I bet it must have looked extremely dumb if a stranger saw us acting like idiots xD

    • Hi Maya. It sounds like perfectly normal reactions for mixed species (you and the cows) as darkness falls. Large animals like cows and horses get jumpy when it gets dark.

      • I’m loving the angle you chose. As if we, uninvited, happened upon them during a private conversation while eating their dinner!

      • When they saw us getting our equipment out of the car, they hurried over to where we were looking like they expected us to give them each a cup of cow cappuccino or something.

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