Four Roses and a Landscape


This is Austrian Copper. To see the four roses and a landscape go to


20 thoughts on “Four Roses and a Landscape

    • Look at what you like, find who sells them, buy and plant them. Roses are easy. Thanks, Teri!

      • If you get really cold temps, you need to protect the bud unions from freezing in the wintertime, and they need to be pruned in the springtime, and best to deadhead when blooms are done. Otherwise, water and occasional fertilizer. Look up a local rose society and they can tell you all about growing roses in your area.

  1. I loved that third rose the best… but that last photo with the MOON! and the Iris’s !!!!!! My heart is beating quickly!!!

  2. I have a rose bush opening for the first time. I had great afternoon light and I wanted a pic like this one you took. I was using a prime lens but it wasn’t a fixed prime. My camera, an Xsi, just froze and wouldn’t take the pic. Can you give me any advise on what I did wrong?

    • Most often if the camera seems to freeze, the sensor doesn’t think the lens is focused properly. So if you were too close to the rose, and had auto focus and auto exposure on and the lens could not focus, the camera would lock you out from taking the photo.

      That happens to me as I quite often as I get too close with normal (non-macro) lenses. I back off until I get the subject in focus, and then enlarge and crop the photo in Camera RAW on the computer. You can make great “macro” shots with a normal or telephoto lens by cropping the photo in an image processor. I hope that helps. Thanks for dropping by.

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