Tiny Spider Above My Head


You can get a closer view of the spider at  http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/5/tiny-spider-above-my-head


23 thoughts on “Tiny Spider Above My Head

      • Spiders are gross even if they do a wonderful function for the Eco system. 😵
        Yes there been a lot of drama. And I had to put my blog in private. Some readers say they can still see it without an invitation. But if you can’t, will you let me know?
        I am still debating on private or public 😑

  1. Spiders are miracles aren’t they? I remember as a kid, in elementary school catching the newborn babies, as they flew through the air, by their threads and watching, them weave new thread as I held it.
    All creatures people dislike are wonderful.

    • But I like spiders and snakes and that’s what it takes to love me 😉 Thanks, Teagan!

      • HA HA HA I like tarantulas as well. It’s the in between ones that I have no idea if they are bad or not. The recluse spider is not a good one so I don’t like it.

      • We don’t have brown recluse’s in the southwest unless they are on boxes or something that gets shipped in. It’s too dry for them. But we do have lots of black widows, although I don’t worry much about black widows, either.

      • Glad to know about the brown recluse… but they are at the lakehouse in Pa.
        I saw your photograph of a black widow before………. I am still out in left field about that one.

      • PA is outside the range of the Brown Recluse, also. They range throughout the south and a good portion of the midwest. While you might find one in PA, it’s very unlikely.

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