Bad Cells & Stem Cells


In February I went to the doctor about some tell tale symptoms I’d been having for a couple of months. I’d had these same symptoms in 2008, two years before my first bout with cancer, but I didn’t know then they were anything more than muscle, back and joint pain for exercise and getting old. All my blood work and vitals were normal, but after the GP told the oncologist about my symptoms, they ordered a PET scan. I got the images from the PET scan the next day, and when I compared them to the last PET scan I had in January 2013, I was “hot”, but nothing like the PET scan from June 2010, when I was starting stage 4 lymphoma.

After my oncologist reviewed the PET scan and radiologist’s report, he ordered two needle biopsies, one from a lymph node, the other from a bone, and they both came back indicating two different types of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. At that point the doctor decided I needed to have a lymph node removed and biopsied to get a complete and definitive diagnoses. The most logical “hot” lymph node to go after was under my clavicle, so I went to visit a surgeon to see about getting the lymph node under the clavicle removed.

The surgeon reviewed the scans, felt around my clavicle and said he couldn’t feel any swollen lymph nodes, and it was too risky to try and remove a lymph node from under my clavicle. He told me he wouldn’t do it, and sent me back to my oncologist. My oncologist ordered a CT scan, and send me back to the surgeon after they got the images and radiologist’s report from the CT scan.  The surgeon told the radiologist thought he could get at the lymph node from above the clavicle and after poking and prodding around the surgeon decided that it was a less risky route, and we scheduled surgery to have the lymph node removed on June 18th. That surgery was successful, and the surgeon removed a large lymph node for the pathologist to biopsy.

I got the results on May 27th, and I have a Hodgkin’s type lymphoma that is slow but aggressive, and while it will respond to a treatment like I had in 2010, my doctor does not want to do a treatment like I had before, because he said the cancer will just come back again in 3 to 5 years. Instead he is going to do a very aggressive chemo with stem sell replacement that will begin on June 6th.

The treatment is outlined as follows:

1) Chemo will be administered every day for four days in a row over a period of nine hours each day.

2) Twenty-one day recovery period

3) Another round of chemo like the first round.

4) Check to see that I am in remission

5) Start the process to extract stem cells from my body

6) Extract stem cells, process them and freeze the stem cells

7) Another round of intensive chemo

8) Whatever tests to see that I’m ready for the stem cell replacement

9) Replace the stem cells they removed before the last chemo

10) Twenty-one day recovery while the reintroduced stem cells take hold

If the treatment works has planned, I should be completely cured at the end of my stem cell recovery.  In a normal population, the chance of being cured is 50/50. Since I am otherwise healthy, active and determined, we are hoping my chances of being cured are even higher.

I had not told many people about the recurrence of cancer before this post, because I wanted to have a definitive diagnoses and a treatment in place before I broke the news to everyone.  It has taken over four months since my first visit to the doctor, until we got a diagnoses and treatment scheduled. In the time between biopsies, I got all kinds of tests and preparation for treatment including “re-ported”, so that once we got a diagnoses I would be ready to go. So all the prep, testing, and extra surgery to have the new port installed were time well spent while working on how to get a lymph node out.

For anyone who’s noticed that I don’t comment on your blog as much as I used to, you now know why. After I start treatment, I’ll have to see how I feel each day — while I might not post anything at all or look at other blogs some days, I might just be so bored that I comment on everything and put up lots of pesky posts on other days. Until I see how I will react to the treatment, the amount of posting, reading and commenting I will do with blogs will remain a mystery.


54 thoughts on “Bad Cells & Stem Cells

  1. I will keep you lifted up in prayer Timothy! May you feel the presence the Great healer, our Lord Jesus Christ, walking every step of the way with you in this journey towards wellness. Blessings, Natalie 🙂 ❤

  2. am wundering if u ever saw my post-its bout cures for cancer….?
    i am lewking in my rife frequency book right now an see lotsa of different frequency ranges that can be corrected in many different types of lymphatic diseases. I have pkd an have had thousands of cysts migrate through my body originating in my enlarged kidneys with cysts, anyhow i was stage 4 years doctors can’t figure out why i haven’t croaked already. well, cuz the body is within this human energy field well it is the field that gets sick , an the body shows it, to dr. royal rife whom was imprisined for his creations many years ago, which are now legal, thank god, well, he found that one could correct cancers an diseases with the correct frequency…u might want to lewk at this…i have had a quantum machine an a rife machine for many years an is what is keeping me alive, incredible really..prayers fer ya ,,,check it out at my post-it here>
    ps; before i used the rife machine an quantum teck well, i was loosing my eyesight an had skin diseases big time, now i can do this without glasses an almost all my melanomas an skin cancers are also gone.whew! good luck in all u do 🙂 take care!

  3. Tim, you will be in my thoughts and prayers during this time. Thank you for sharing your stories and photos with us. I look forward to reading them and enjoying the beauty that you see and share with us. God bless you always.

  4. So this is why you seemed absent !
    thank you for sharing that with us all: to my eyes this is a great mark of trust.
    as a not so ancien patient myself, I wish you courage and serenity to fight this battle… and each morning, I’ll have a thought towards you (which is unorthodox medicine…)

  5. Thanks Timothy for sharing. It sounds like you’re on top of this in understanding everything. I hope the side effects are bearable and you get through it all with a complete cure. Take care. All the best.

    • Thanks, Gary! I got through it once without any real issues. I did exactly what the doctor told me to do, and everything went really well. I’ve learned over many years of rare conditions, weird things, and dealing with lots of pain, to 1) get the best doctors available, and 2) follow their orders. Technically, I should not be able to walk, but I am active, do lots of things, but I do live with chronic pain. I have no prescriptions, which the nurses can hardly believe for someone my age, and I mostly use exercise, diet and kitty therapy to control pain.

  6. Gosh Tim…
    You can do this. We all believe in you. We all pray for you.
    (And don’t under-estimate kitty power 😀 ) Sending you and yours all my best thoughts, Light, and hugs.

  7. Wishing you all the best, my dear friend. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sure you can beat this disease.

  8. Stem cell therapy is highly effective, I think it’s going to fix this health issue for you.
    Sending good thoughts your way.

  9. All the very best Timothy, and thank you for sharing this heartfelt post with your followers. I’ll certainly be keeping you in my thoughts. I know from family members who have undergone cancer treatments that it’s not always easy to feel up to “fighting the good fight” in these situations, but best wishes for every strength and fortitude in the coming weeks and months.

  10. Hi, Tim. Dolores stopped by to see me today and described your latest challenge. All the best and loads of endurance to get through this!

  11. Best of luck to you Tim. Hoping its a cure for you. And courage for the treatments. Like people have already noted in your comments. A strong spirit you have. And it will serve you well.

  12. Oh Tim – Whoa. You are amazing. You are even keel, brilliant, patient, strong and thoughtful. This is disappointing news but with such good planning and study it sounds like you are on the right path to getting rid of this menace for good this time!!!!

    We are away for the weekend but I look forward to seeing you soon as you battle this annoying attack that has resurfaced. This is it once and for all – banish it and be healed!!!


  13. Oh, wow, Tim, I had a feeling like a couple of others that something wasn’t quite right with you, but didn’t imagine anything like this. Though we have never met in person, I don’t think of you as just another blogger, but a true friend. I’ll be sending good vibes your way every day, and to your family as well. But I know you are a strong man with a strong, kick-ass spirit, and I believe you’ll beat this. All my best now and alway, my friend. ❤️

    • Thanks, Cathy! It’s nice how we can form friendships with fellow bloggers when there is so much worldly distance between us. We discover we have a lot in common and the wired world allows us to share with each other. Thank you for being a friend and having such a positive attitude. It really means a lot to me. I always enjoy your stories.

  14. Timothy….It is a time to focus on your healing and inner strength…..It sounds like you have a solid medical team on your side and I am praying for a full and permanent remission for you!

  15. Tim, as you know, I siwh you all the best. Keep your positive and strong mind. I know you won’t forget how this is a differential factor when facing this situation. Everything will be okay. As we can notice, you seem to have a nice medical team and I’m sure you’ll get all the suport you need.

  16. I have never been in such a difficult situation and I am therefore unable to know what crosses your head and soul. Everybody has to decide for himself whether he wants to do everything doctors propose. I just wish you much courage and all the best.

    • Thanks, Martina! The first time I battled cancer in 2010, I followed my doctor’s instructions to the letter and never got sick, or had nausea or any of the problems generally associated with the treatment, especially as heavy a treatment that I had at that time. Now the treatment is much more intensive, and so far so good. I think my doctors and nurses know much better than me what I need to do to minimize side effects, so I do what they say.

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