ƒ-Stop It Already


You can see the photo quiz I failed, plus my latest sit/stand desk at  http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/6/–stop-it-already


14 thoughts on “ƒ-Stop It Already

    • Thanks, Teri! I’m happy someone got a LOL out of it. The flowers are hollyhocks. Between our alkaline soil and water, and strong sun, most “black” flowers come out various shades of dark reds and purples. So we are very happy with the blackness of these hollyhocks.

      • We have a loamy clay soil because we are on the flood plain of the Rio Grande, but the PH of the soil and water, plus our intense sunshine at 5000 feet effects the colors of flowers and roses.

      • Hi Teri. I just sent you an email to a your gmail account about the Balloon Fiesta.

  1. I’m still laughing, Tim. 😀 I like your answers better than the “correct” ones. I love your desk…may have to get one someday…and absoutely love the hollyhock’s color, and it is reminiscent of an okra plant’s bloom.
    Still laughing…

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