Chicken Haze All Through My Brain


If you are interested in my first day of treatment, you can read about it at


15 thoughts on “Chicken Haze All Through My Brain

  1. I had no idea Tim… He walks with you and he talks with you and he tells you that you are his own.
    Prayers for you have been sent and will continue to be sent. HUGS!

    • Thanks, Nancy! Look up my post from May 18th. I explain the history and what I’ll I’ve gone through from February to get the current diagnoses and treatment.

  2. That sounds like quite the schedule of treatments, but hopefully it gets you back on the path of recovery again as soon as possible. I’ll continue to keep you in my thoughts. And I appreciate the images of the funky chickens in the meantime!

  3. What an ordeal. It must be very trying to go through.
    If it’s any help, red cover blossoms (made into a tea) are an excellent addition to conventional treatment (I have met people who recovered fully from cancer by drinking red clover tea), if nothing else, it’s another way to stay hydrated.

    Sending you good thoughts.

    • Thanks, Genie. I’m staying hydrated, and getting lots of steps on my fitbit with all the bathroom runs.

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