Feeling Kinda Spunky Now


Lots more photos and an update on the treatment at  http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/6/feeling-kinda-spunky-now


24 thoughts on “Feeling Kinda Spunky Now

  1. Last night when I walked Mom home about 11 the moon was a sliver of red-orange – knew you would capture it if you were out and about…but that was probably past your bedtime – need to get your rest to infuse all that stuff and walk 4000 step!!!!! The other photos are gorgeous!!!! Beautiful evening.

    • Hi Patti. The moon was below the horizon before 11:00 down here in the valley, but I did photograph it before it went down. I got it with a slightly orange color a few minutes ago before it slipped behind the trees. With my walk tonight, I now have over 10,000 steps.

    • Grazie, Simona. The kitties return your kisses. How are you? I’ve been a little worried.

      • I know the feeling. Hang in there and focus and you will get what you need done. A big hug from all of us in the Price household.

  2. Like most people here, the sky shots were inspiring ~ and shows the beauty in a day. Hope you are continuing your great trek and attitude towards a full recovery Timothy. Take care.

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