Smoke n’ Gnats


A lot more gnats and smoke can be seen at


19 thoughts on “Smoke n’ Gnats

  1. Smoke n’ Nats, Yuk!
    You must have a good sense of humour to be out and about taking photos of them both. 🙂
    I love the photo with the mountain and river (the second photo).

  2. Wonderful observations of something so simple – smoke…and in so many forms, light, scenes…very cool Tim. And good for you for trying to buy local – frustrating that the parts are not available. Did you check specialty parts places or the Ace and Box-type stores?


    • Thanks, Patti! I checked where I had time. There are probably some speciality shops I didn’t think of, but I’m not running from store to store all over town. It takes too much time and energy.

  3. Glad to read that your energy level is good — and especially pleased that you were up to capturing these great images. I saw the reports about the fire on the news this morning and thought about you. Let’s hope they don’t get any closer (and more importantly, are extinguished soon.)

    • Thanks, Matt! The fires are no threat to our property. The fire is over the hills (mountains) and far away. We just get the smoke.

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