One Hundred Five and Snow


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24 thoughts on “One Hundred Five and Snow

    • We have a cottonwood forest that produces spectacular cotton snow storms. The problem is the cotton happens at 4th of July, and cotton and fireworks do mix very well, or a little too well depending on how you look at it.

  1. It is almost 3 pm and we have not ventured out at all since the forecast is 108 today. That’s not so bad when you consider tomorrow is supposed to reach 115. And no snow. But I love that shot of yours of the cotton snow.

      • Grilled tofurkey is not a meal I dream about. I had tofu sausages once. Almost spit them out.

      • I tasted tofurkey once and it was horrible. I don’t understand why people who don’t eat meat want to have food that imitates meat. Speaking of spitting out gross food, I had orejas (pig ears) in Spain once. They were slimy, hairy, prickly and crunchy all at once. The most disgusting things I ever tried.

      • Well, in my defense, she has long hair. But I do tickle her back. She likes that.

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