From Blue to Bald

J-AX inspired me to think about getting a tattoo on my head while I’m bald. Check it out at and tell me what you think.


28 thoughts on “From Blue to Bald

  1. LOL. Tim you’re one in a billion. If you get a scalp tat, be sure to strategically place it. Because when your hair grows back, I know you’ll be wanting to show it. Hugs!

  2. I agree with Spunk – Please stop! Your hair will grow back and when it does any tats will be covered so save the money. A henna tat though could be fun in the interim just know what you want and where you want to put it.

  3. I didn’t understand any of the video, but enjoyed it.
    I thought about getting a tattoo a couple of years ago, but backed out. Once done, they can never be undone (without a big chunk of money), so one needs to be sure it’s what they will always like.

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