Yeast infection, douche, Levofloxacin and primordial yogurt at   http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/6/fever


34 thoughts on “Fever

      • Three months after I finished my last round of chemo in 2010, I developed a fever and when I went in to the cancer center my neutrophils were ZERO. They kind of freaked out. After seven Neupogen shots and a week of daily drip anti-biotics, I was finally back to normal. My oncologist told me the fever could have killed me if I had waited even 12 hours to go in given the state my immune system was in.

      • So I discovered. Although, we hadn’t expected zero immune system 3 month after my last chemo.

  1. Well, that otta fix the temporary problem, with the cow that created the universe working in your body via the yogurt, I say, on with the healing!

  2. If it isn’t one thing it’s another!!!!!! Really???? Like they cannot predict these reactions and nip it in the bud BEFORE the patient does a self-diagnosis and with discomfort has to wait and then follow with treatment AFTER the fact!!! I would write a missive on THIS subject!!!!!!

    Nice flowers to soften the pain.

    You are a warrior. Smart one. Keep them honest.

    Thinking of you…

    Our GRAND RE-Opening is Friday – can you make it?

    If not, a special tour of the new digs and merchandise on YOUR schedule.


    • Hi Patti. This is one of hundreds of things that can develop, you can’t just try to treat everything because it might happen, and you especially don’t want to take brutal anti-biotics without having a real issue. My self diagnosis and going in helped get it taken care of more quickly. I’m really grateful this is the only issue so far, especially since I’m doing pretty all my normal activities.

  3. Ok…where does one get the cow at the beginning of the universe yogurt? Sorry to hear of the nasty side effect but here’s a chuckle for you. One word in your first sentence stopped me in my tracks and all I could think of was ummmm where? hehehe Feel better, Tim.

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