PET Scans


While I get daily cat scans from the kitties, they do not show progress from chemo like PET scans do. You can see the PET scan process, and see comparative scans from 20010 to last Friday, July 8th at


21 thoughts on “PET Scans

  1. You just educated me, first about how remarkable you are, and second about the same. Slay those dragons Timothy. I can see you doing it.
    I am in the choir, sending you prayers my wonderful friend.

    • Thanks, Cindy! None of it is fun, but it helps to make light of it anyway. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate everything I can get to beat this stuff.

  2. I can tell your kitties love you,Tim.
    I admire your resilience through this trying time in your life, AND your ability to hold on to your sense of humor through it all. The leaves cracked me up. 🙂

  3. The scans are showing great progress, it’s amazing how much is gone, next round of chemo — when finished — it should all be gone, then onto the next phase of the stem cell therapy — and then back to a normal life that’s cancer free.

  4. I had to undergo chemo and radiation, although not intensive as you, when i was first diagnosed with breast cancer…chemo is no joke. I wish you the best and glad to see that you are improving.

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