Plugged-in, Unplugged


You can see more photos and read more about stem cell harvesting at


36 thoughts on “Plugged-in, Unplugged

  1. Vampire Access Straw – I love it! So much to endure, but seeing the photos and all the equipment is a reminder of just what can be done these days. I hope you were able to achieve some degree of comfort once it was all over.

  2. A brutal protocol you are going through, but my first thought was you do look good (healthy) and then right at the end you got me laughing “Laurie got me doing my best “Squint like Clint” look…” Yep, just stare down the doctor and say “make my day…”

  3. Dear Timothy, you are such great and strong soul, I am so glad to hear that everything goes well now. My positive thoughts with you, Thank you, All my best wishes, Love, nia

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