A Few More Butterflies


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26 thoughts on “A Few More Butterflies

    • Hi Genie. I do not use Lightroom at all. It’s part of my Adobe subscription, but it’s not even installed on my computer. It’s a very log story as to why I don’t use Lightroom.

      I use Camera RAW for my adjustments and almost everything that looks like an effect. Then I take the files into Photoshop where I resize them for uploading to the web. Mostly I use the image processor in PS, but I will use it for putting photos together, touch up and sometimes for an effect. But most of my work is done in Camera RAW.

      • I downloaded camera raw, however, it doesn’t seem to do much other than convert RAW to JPEG, am I missing something? My iMac does that for me, I’m looking for a program that fine tunes the photo, as you know, they’re not that great without processing….

      • I open camera raw from Adobe Bridge that I use to manage my photo files. Once you open a file in camera raw you have a lot of adjustments you can make on the file. I’ll send you some screens shots when I get home from work.

      • I don’t have Adobe Bridge, I’m going to check it out and see if it’s like Lightroom where there is a monthly fee, or if one can purchase it as a one time deal.
        I look forward to seeing your screen shots. Thanks!

      • If you have the basic Adobe photo package subscription (that’s what I have) you will have Bridge it has come standard with every Adobe product I’ve ever had. Look in your Applications folder and see if bridge is in there. Otherwise you should be able to download it as part of your subscription. If you don’t have a subscription and loaded Lightroom from a disc, bridge may not be available, but I would check the installer on the disc and see if it’s an option.

        Bridge is a file manager that you don’t have to import your files into like you do with Lightroom (one of the reasons I don’t like Lightroom). Lightroom should have all the same controls as camera RAW plus a lot more.

        Most photographers I know love Lightroom. I had to learn Lightroom from the very first version we got at the office, and it drove me crazy fixing broken paths to photos every time we moved files from a HD to a USB drive, and many other issues. We gave up on it Lightroom after version 3. I never used it at home because I had Photoshop and used Bridge as my file manager.

      • I don’t have any Adobe photo application, I’m just trying out Lightroom for a free one week trial (but they say on the phone that it only has partial photo finishing on the free trial, how dumb is that? Even Netlix gives the entire package fir a one month free trial, I say, how cheap can they get, I mean, one week is too long to have the entire package for a free trial, how does one know if they want to buy it if they can’t try it out?).

        Do you pay a monthly fee for your photoshop? Or do you have the old version that used to be a one time deal?

      • I have the Photography subscription for $9.99/month https://creative.adobe.com/plans?promoid=P3KMQZ9Y&mv=other. It includes PS, LR, Bridge plus a few other applications are available. I only have PS and Bridge installed. I do own single license versions of PS through CS6. The subscription is a good deal compared to the $300 to $400 I had to shell out for each single license upgrade of PS.

      • Oh, that’s the one I’m trying out for free for a week. I like it very much, hmm… does one really have to upgrade if they have a single licence? or will it just not work unless one upgrades?
        Adobe told me on the phone that my computer is too new for the one time purchase, nothing would work on it if I did buy it, my only option is the monthly fee…
        I wasn’t aware that what my trying out the program is more than Lightroom, I don’t even know how to use anything else in the program, but maybe the free trial only offers the Lightroom?

      • Unless you find some old versions of PS cs6 or LR 4 on disc, the single use licenses are $19.95/month from Adobe. The Photography subscription is a good deal at $9.99/month. There could be issues with trying to run an older version of PS or LR on recent iMacs, so you are probably stuck with the Photography subscription if you really want LR or PS. There are some decent alternatives to PS that are inexpensive like Acorn http://flyingmeat.com/acorn/, Pixelmator http://www.pixelmator.com/mac/, and Affinity Photo https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/. These are pretty nice apps. I use them at the office. You might want to give them a try before you get an Adobe subscription.

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