Cubs Fan


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6 thoughts on “Cubs Fan

  1. That’s fun, I bet it’ll make the office more cheerful (not thst it wasn’t, but we can all use more cheer!).
    This is actually a form of Feng Shui, I use the art in my home and yard — the placement of things in a way to create a happy heart, family, relationships, health, and prosperity.
    My bro is a big hockey fan — and by default I got into it too because our entire family had to because he was (still is) so passionate about it that he would holler so loud when there was a score I think people a block away could hear him, anyway, I got into it too and began hollering (or is it howling?! I’m not sure because of this wild fool moon!) and jumping up when there was a score.
    Anyway, my bro is convinced that every hockey fan who is enthusiastic helps the team to win the game, this theory would apply to every sport, then; although I’m not sure if it’s accurate! however, it’s a lot of fun to be cheering on “our” team.

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