Truck, Truck, Everywhere a Truck


As I squinted beneath the eyes of the sun at…


19 thoughts on “Truck, Truck, Everywhere a Truck

      • Fortunately, the traffic jambs are fairly short, concentrated around rush hour, as long as there are no wrecks. But it’s often like a demolition derby with all the people running into each other. They closed a road on Sunday because of a motorcycle accident, which really snarled up traffic. I parked my car, grabbed my camera, walked up to where the accident was, and photographed it. I tried to get details out of one of the officers since they had a CSI unit on the scene, but all I could get out of him was “It’s an accident, sir!” I got little details, and not particularly exciting photos, but it was much better than sitting in traffic.

      • That’s good that they’re not long lived. Wow, pretty jammed up if you were able to park the car and walk up to the accident site. “Those guys” are pretty tight lipped.

  1. I have such a hatred for traffic jams, I will not travel during rush hours (especially in Seattle), and the one positive thing I can say about this shot is that you got a great flare with the sun 🙂 I hope you are doing well Tim ~ cheers.

    • Sitting in traffic is really frustrating. Sometimes there’s a wreck near every bridge crossing the river, so I just give up trying to get home, and go find things to photograph until traffic clears up. Thanks, Randall.

  2. The whole traffic thing is OOC in the city! I’m walking a lot more these days, and it’s paying off.
    However, distance is another issue. I’m a nervous wreck on the freeway.

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