Black Cats & Photo Mags


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20 thoughts on “Black Cats & Photo Mags

    • The coasters are just super. It was nice to find some mags that are more art oriented than Photoshop how-to’s. Thanks, Randall.

  1. I’m wondering if the cats 🐱 liked the magazine because it had your scent on it — aftershave or soap.
    Whatever the reason, really fun pics, heartwarmimg.

    • They were to new to have my smell. To tell you the truth, they liked them because I put them up to it and gave them attention between shots. Thanks, Genie.

  2. Ooo La La! What a gorgeous cat!
    Timothy, thank you for visiting my blog. I know I’m not around much, but it takes months to make one of those Art Gowns.
    In the meantime I don’t log in much to Art Gowns.
    So great to see you, and now….to enjoy more of your work!

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