Old Stuff


More stuff at     http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/9/old-stuff


4 thoughts on “Old Stuff

  1. My brother and you would get along, I can see that, he’s a fishing enthusiast too, an angler, so is his wife, they hang out with famous anglers who have fishing shows, even going on location with them and finding locations.

    Hm… I’ll try and find one of the videos that was made from a location my brother and his wife were on exclusevly with Mark Penglington (I think that’s his name) and post it here, it’s near the area where I live (they took him to a secret 🐟 fising spot and filmed there, but it doesn’t give the spot away in the half hour show, of which there is only a clip of in video, the rest of the show has to be viewed on the TV 📺 channel that it’s shown on).

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