Hospital Day One


WordPress and the WIFI at the hospital are not playing together at all, so I’m having to use my phone as a hotspot to post on WordPress. Because most WordPress pages won’t load, I haven’t be able to view, like and comment on WordPress blogs.

My photo blog is getting along much better with the hospital WIFI, but it’s still very challenging. You can read more and see more photos at


41 thoughts on “Hospital Day One

  1. Ackkk, am going to see your other site, but don’t want to hear that you are in the hospital. Hospitals better wise up and make room for their blogging patients, otherwise, they might blog about it! Sending healing hopes and prayers.

  2. Weren’t those clouds amazing? I even tried to capture them – your shots however are incredible!!!!!!!!! You surely will overcome your technical difficulties at the hospital – and do swimmingly well with this phase – NIKE – Just Do IT!!!!! Be thinking of you – Mr. Inspiration for how to go through this junk with grace.


  3. You’ll need a lot of strength and patience. Hospitals are not the best places to be, but sometimes we just have to. Hopefully, treatment works and everything improves. Wishing you all the best. Cloud photo is beautiful.

  4. Oh Tim! I was in the hospital a month earlier than you and I must admit that I didn’t have the same strong will to continue to write. I was on so many pain killers, I couldn’t even send an intelligible email message because I would fall asleep in the middle of trying to type a sentence. When I was awake, I think I spent most of my time staring at the ceiling–half asleep/half awake–totally non-productive and not conducive to a positive state of mind at all!
    I sincerely hope your health is improving!! Hospitals are no fun (at least I think they are not).

    • Hi Mary. Pain meds can really take you out. They would give me premeds with some of my chemo that made me really sleepy, but, fortunately, I never needed anything stronger than a Tylenol for headache or bone pain. I was pretty much a freak on the floor because I didn’t have any of the normal side effects, and I was never in bed other than to sleep and have procedures that required I laid on the bed. Otherwise, I was up, alert and kept myself occupied.

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