Hospital Day Six — The Point Of No Return

A new view

I moved to the positive air-flow room (Positive ISO Only) in the afternoon…


23 thoughts on “Hospital Day Six — The Point Of No Return

  1. I miss counted. I thought you were day 5. It’s good you’re further along. Thoughts, prayers and healing hopes…..Glad you are blogging. It is good for you and for us to read!

  2. A room with a view is a good place to recover and get well again.
    The medicine and procedures will do their part, the view will help, and your endurance and good attitude will all work together until you go back home healthy and live a long life.
    Stay strong, buddy.
    You are an inspiration to us all, your positive outlook and love of life gives us enthusiasm to embrace life’s healing beauty as well.

  3. Praying for you as you undergo the next part of your treatment tomorrow, for strength and hope and healing. I’m looking forward to seeing the views from when you get home.

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