Hospital Day Fourteen — Reflecting


WordPress is getting more and more difficult for me to post on from the hospital. I guess there is no optimization for slow internet, so the process of putting up a 20 Kb photo, adding a few links and publishing the blog is somewhat of a monumental task.  This is my third attempt to do this post. It’s very frustrating.    If I have as much trouble in the future as I had today, I will most likely just give up. You will have to check the other side to see what got posted if nothing shows up on WordPress.


32 thoughts on “Hospital Day Fourteen — Reflecting

  1. I think the hospital staff are being over controlling. Are they nervous about a patient blogging about his experience while inpatient? If you had important work you had to do from the hospital, would they give you good access? So how is this different? I have seen this before in different scenarios. Could you just type your posts in word and have a relative post for you, telling what photos to include? I don’t want to see you shut down in less you want to. The distraction and interaction is good for you and for your recovery especially since you are there longer term. I wish I was your clinical social worker. I would advocate for your access. Keep the faith and rest well my friend.

  2. I think WP is creating all kinds of problems for many of us. And I’m wondering Timothy if the cyberattack that shut down so many sites in the last few days doesn’t have something to do with the slow internet service at the hospital. 😦

      • I don’t know why they can’t get their act together and why it’s so hard to get it touch with anyone there. I’m sorry you are having problems especially at a time when that’s the last thing you need.
        Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  3. Sorry to read about the increased fatigue and blood counts (as well as the slow internet speeds in the hospital.) I hope all of those conditions improve soon — but especially the ones pertinent to your health of course.

  4. I spent a lot of time over the last few years in hospital too, my friend, so I know how that is. I just don’t post about it, I keep that stuff to myself. I’m not comfortable with that, I guess. But anyway, you’ll get through it! Yeah the fighting with the internet there isn’t worth it. Just do what you can.

    • Thanks, Jessica! Since I’m in here for the long haul, the hospital has to be a part of my blog. It also makes it easy for people to keep up with my progress, especially locals. Currently, visitors are discouraged, so people can get and idea of how I’m doing.

  5. I prescribe a big enchilada from Cecilia’s covered in green chile because I like that better than the freaking hot red chile 😉 The internet has been weird all over and our provider is still playing tag with us. Hugs to you

  6. Sounds very frustrating. When I moved from to I gave up on the idea of posting from the iOS app. I hope you find a way to continue a daily post. I know it’s annoying you but I get the feeling a daily post helps in other ways.

  7. I feel ya about the slow Internet. The Einsteins where I work got new state of the art equipment/systems that are not compatible with wireless equipment…. (rolling my eyes).
    Hang in there. Just focus on relaxing. Light and hugs.

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