Hospital Day Seventeen — We Have Takeoff


On this date 58 years ago I was born in this hospital. I was a blue baby…


37 thoughts on “Hospital Day Seventeen — We Have Takeoff

  1. Oh happy birthday Timothy. I’m so sorry you are having to spend it in a hospital. I’ve had to spend one of mine in a hospital too and it was no fun! And I’m so glad the news is good today. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  2. I love this Birthady song by Elvis, I know it’s sung for a woman, but the song is so much fun that I thought you might get a giggle from it.
    Basically, what I’m saying is: Happy Birthday, Tim!

    • Thanks, Sara! I’m very happy, and with all this great new medical technology and procedures, who knows, I might live another 58 years. And think about it, you might live to be 158 years old or older.

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