Spider Hanging on the Wall


Another view at:   http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/11/spider-hanging-on-the-wall


11 thoughts on “Spider Hanging on the Wall

  1. Yikes, if that was me I’d swat the spider with a fly swater, I’m terrified of spiders after being bitten by a poisonous one this summer, I’m still recovering from the bite.
    Great pic. Haha! It’d make a good Halloween spooky story.

    • We are a spider friendly household. BTW all spiders are poisonous it’s just some are more so than others. Spider bites can take a long to to heal and recover from. Thanks, Genie!

  2. I like spiders, but I don’t know much about them. If something like this one showed up here, I wouldn’t know if I was supposed to be afraid or not. Probably, would just try to show it the way out of the house so it would be safe (or safer, once my folks would probably wanna get rid of it!!)

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