Stem Cells Don’t Multitask


In the nearly three weeks that I have been out of the hospital, my white counts and red counts have been like rollercoasters…


22 thoughts on “Stem Cells Don’t Multitask

  1. It’s a remarkable process isn’t it. They are working in you like little living nano-bots getting stronger daily to fight a war for you and win! My husband’s good friend and cardiologist went through this about 7 years ago. He’s healthy as a horse now. Hoping the same for you Timothy.

  2. They will eventually remember and start concentrating on the job they need to do, it takes time. You need to concentrate on keeping yourself moving, eating a diet that supports white and red blood cells and your immune system, have good sleep and keep away viruses as much as you can! Please take extra care Timothy and have a lovely weekend!

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