First Snow


Los Reyes Magos and La Befana brought us snow for Epiphany.

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13 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. I’m in Mississippi at the moment and we have a little snow here too. It has caused a fair bit of disruption as it’s not the norm. I laughed out loud when it was reported that the Department of Public Safety had closed due to the weather around lunch time. Perhaps that was a bit naughty of me.

    • We had a little over an inch of snow on our property and around us. I didn’t go out today, besides to walk out to the bosque and river to do photos, so I don’t know how much snow they got in Albuquerque. I was looking at the weather on a local TV/radio station’s website and apparently Albuquerque pretty much shut down. But the one that got me was the avalanche warning — just seems so out of place to see avalanche warnings in New Mexico. So you can be naughty and laugh. It really is funny.

  2. Dear Timothy, I loved the photographs, but especially “Rosencrantz”‘s first photograph is amazing… Thank you, we have snow too in here today! Have a nice, Love, nia

    • Thanks, Nia. Snowfall in Istanbul is in the world news. The report I read said there was up to 40 centimeters of snow in some areas of the city. That’s a lot of snow.

      • Yes, dear Timothy, it seems like that, even at sea level we have snow like that too. You are welcome and Thank you, Have a nice day, Love, nia

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