Shelby Cobra on Route 66


I photographed this car parked on Central Ave (Old Route 66) in Downtown Albuquerque from across the street. I didn’t bother to cross the street and get closeups of details…  Continue reading and see more photos at


25 thoughts on “Shelby Cobra on Route 66

    • It is. Did you ever listen to Bill Cosby’s “200 MPH” album? He gets a Shelby Cobra in that routine. Thanks, Teri!

  1. Nice photos. As much as I love the cobras I have to say that the hard top does nothing for them. So much better as open top. I know somebody who has driven both original cobra 427 and the smaller 289. He actually prefered the 289 as being more drivable instead of the larger engine trying to kill him every time he stamped on the loud pedal. I just want one.

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