A Saturday in a Life


I saw the dawn today oh boy
A ring of fire filled morning sky…

Read the rest of the poem and see more photos at  http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2017/2/a-saturday-in-a-life


15 thoughts on “A Saturday in a Life

  1. That last picture caught me off guard, drawn into the branches, a surprise sitting there; often when I’m outside at night I wonder how many eyes are out there too, quietly looking about . . . hidden company!

    • Hi Miriam! The owls watch over us all night. Rarely seen sitting in the cottonwoods, they hoot back and forth to each other all night long. Sometimes the yipping and screeching of coyotes wake us in the middle of the night, then after coyotes quiet down, the hoots of the owls break the silence.

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