Gardening In My Good Shoes



10 thoughts on “Gardening In My Good Shoes

    • Grazie, Simona. I’m so happy to hear that. The kitties are celebrating. Purrs, kitty kisses and hugs all around.

  1. In my younger days, any old shoe would do. Anymore, they have to be comfy, and those are hard to find.
    Lovely flowers, and the black bamboo is also lovely…and mysterious. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Mia! Mermaid is a beautiful rose. The shoes are Clarks made in India. I’ve worn Clarks shoes for over 30 years, and while they where still made in England when I bought my first pair, the last several pairs have been made in China, Spain, Singapore and India. When Clarks says they are international, they mean it.

      • I hope my good shoes will last. They are new, only a few days old. The boots should be here on Tuesday. I’m just so bad about buying clothes and shoes. Laurie gets after me for waiting until my shoes and boots are worn out enough to start hurting my feet before I replace them.

      • Really, really new shoes! Now, I’m laughing (just a little), gardening in really new shoes, Tim! Well, it’s important to be comfortable, and shoes that hurt are no good, plus Tuesday is not far off, and with a good buffing the new shoes will look as good as new again. Count down, 4 days to go!

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