The Scoop



8 thoughts on “The Scoop

    • Happy to make you smile. The Lutheran Lady wasn’t quite sure about the impromptu interview from a weirdo while waiting for the light to change at the crosswalk. I thought about asking her what Lutheran Women believed, but that would have been mean of me to put her in a spot like that.

      • Good thing you didn’t ask…she was probably already weirded out. People aren’t used to strangers striking up conversations anymore.

  1. East St. Louis, huh? I know where that is, went to a casino there many times when I lived in Missouri. Disappointed that the scoop wasn’t about ice cream what with all that heat 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing “The Scoop”. That certainly is a hot car, almost need potholders to grab the steering wheel. Tim, I agree with MC, the last photo is awesome, why do I want to say, Hallelujah? A stunning photo! ~ Mia

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