Fourth Fireworks on the 5th



12 thoughts on “Fourth Fireworks on the 5th

    • Thanks, Cathy. The reflections off the Rio Grande is a nice benefit of watching the fireworks from the edge of the river.

      • You’re welcome, Tim. It was nice, low key, but loud, very loud. The fireworks here started several weeks before the 4th, they’re just now starting to die down, hopefully tonight will be the last of it, my cats are getting tired of hiding. How was your 4th?

      • The 4th was nice. I photographed the parade in the morning, worked in the yard in the afternoon, and photographed the fireworks in the evening. Fireworks have been banned in Corrales for years, so we don’t hear a lot of fireworks, except for Albuquerque’s and Rio Rancho’s firework shows. Our cats don’t pay attention to the booms that we do get, but we don’t get many either. We get a lot of noise from mowers, farm machinery, traffic on I-25, and concerts across the river. One reason I cut weeds by hand is I don’t want to add to the pesky machine noise by running a mower.

      • That’s great, a full day and wonderful photos too. Fireworks are illegal where I am, but you wouldn’t know it. I’ve had one cat hiding the tub for days, I guess he thinks it’s a foxhole. Good for you, some noise can be avoided, I would think your neighbors are delighted.

      • I don’t think the neighbors notice one way or the other. But I don’t have to deal with my own noise.

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