Not So Good Vibrations



12 thoughts on “Not So Good Vibrations

    • Grazie, Simona! The kitties are characters. All the cats send you lots of purrs, kitty hugs and kitty kisses, and we are all wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  1. I had a cousin (female) who tested batteries this way but I never tried. The look on Spunk’s face is a hoot! If you don’t answer yourself when you vibrate do you leave yourself a message 🙂

    • Not to try and answer myself when I vibrate. Spunk is a reliable model with great expressions.

  2. Hi Tim, love the photos. How did you get the kitties to go for it? I thought everyone licked their 9 volt batteries to make sure they still has some life in them, as kids we did it just for kicks. ~ Mia

    • Hi Mia! Spunk is easy, just put it out and he’ll check it out. Lola thought the battery was fun to play with, an easy one with her this time. Like you, I thought everyone licked a 9 volt battery at some point in their lifetime. You know the feeling then.

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