Beach, Bosque, Cone Heads



10 thoughts on “Beach, Bosque, Cone Heads

  1. Hi Tim, lovely photos, everything is so picturesque. The beach looks secluded and the sky is marvelous. The cone heads are an interesting looking flower/plant, they would make a really nice ground cover, great shot. ~ Mia

    • HI Mia. The cone heads are interesting. They are a very desert type plant with little petals on the cones as well as around the base of the cone. We noticed when the white flowers wither, they turn orange, which gives an appearance a having a variety of the flowers mixed together.

      • It does give the appearance of mixed flowers, when I look closely I can see where some of the white petals are turning orange, so different. Nature is mysterious.

    • Hi Cathy. The Albuquerque Yerba Mansa Project has a photo of the cone head flower on their web page, but they don’t identify it. That’s the only place photos of it come up in various searches for conehead and cone head flowers.

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