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17 thoughts on “Compact ING

  1. Tim, this is a great photo. I think “Compact ING” is very clever and funny. I especially like the color pop against the grayness of the parking garage, guessing it’s a garage. Have a good Wednesday. ~ Mia

    • Thanks, Mia. It’s the parking garage I was band for for life from, but I have ignored that ban. I’m a recidivist I suppose. I walk the stairs in the garage every day during the week and the light was especially good the other day.

      • You’re welcome, Tim. Laughing, “ignored the ban” be careful of the of the Garage Monitor, I imagine much like the Hall Monitor. Have a good time on the stairs today!

      • I think the Garage Monitor that banned me for life was having a bad day. Currently the garage is swarming with security because Lavu threatened to move out of downtown if the city didn’t do something about the homeless and crime. I’ve talked to several of the security people doing time at the garage. Many are putting in overtime after their normal security shifts end. Some are retired and were talked into doing security on the side.

        I walk around downtown everyday, and often get approached by panhandlers, but I tell them I don’t have money for them. Sometimes talk to them, and ask them for money, we laugh and go our separate ways. I’ve offered to buy one or two a meal in the past, but they want cash. There are many places downtown that feed the homeless daily so our homeless are not hungry. Actually, the downtown homeless rarely ask for money for food. The story is most often they are stranded and need a ticket to somewhere, which is usually nowhere. Sometimes, one will be honest and say he needs a bottle of booze — that’s when I’m most tempted to give them money just for being honest. I wonder what one of them would do if I offered to by him a train ticket to LA?

        Car theft is a real problem in Albuquerque, as we are number 1 in the country they say. The bar scene can get violent, especially at night, but otherwise, I find downtown is pretty mellow when I’m walking around.

      • Thank you Tim, for a wonderful reply. That’s a pretty harsh sentence you received, because of a bad day. I like the phrase, “doing time at the garage”. It’s good to be recognized as number one for something, regardless of the reason, it gets you on the map, and stolen cars it is! Here the coastal cities seem to be popular, probably because of the mild climate, and most of the beaches have/offer free cold water showers, just a guess I really don’t know. From my observations the homeless population of Coastal So. Cal. seems to be a subculture within a culture, perhaps based on the reasons for the homelessness. That’s a good question, would you be taken up on your offer to go to LA?

      • Hi Mia. New Mexico is near the top of everything bad, and near the bottom of most things good. If it wasn’t for the “Enchantment Factor”, I think NM would be a desolate and lonely desert. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad or Better Cal Sal, but from what I’ve been told about them, I think there might be much more reality than fiction in their storylines.

      • What a list Tim, “everything bad and near the bottom of most things good”. I don’t know much about New Mexico, nothing really. You’ve certainly have found the “Enchantment Factor”, which is captured in your photos.

      • Some new stats just released puts NM on the bottom for most everything bad regarding young people. We have one of the highest populations without high school diplomas, youth on welfare, homeless youth, jobless youth, youth on drugs… Most any kind of stats on NM are very depressing.

      • Tim, I’m so sad to read this. With these types of stats my guess is that this has been an on going and growing problem, is there anything in the works that may help to remedy or improve the situation?

      • No! We have one of the worst legislatures and legal systems in the country. A law just went into effect that lets criminals out of jail if they are poor and can’t afford bail. The law was introduced by a NM supreme court justice and sneakily worded by the legislature to sneak it by the voters. Albuquerque just reached some type of agreement from a 20 year old lawsuit so now the police cannot take people to jail for petty crimes like shop lifting.

      • There is getting to be less and less accountability for crime in NM. There’s no big mystery about why crime is so rampant, between the DOJ meddling and the stupidity of our elected officials. Albuquerque is really understaffed on police officers and they have trouble recruiting because there are not a lot of people who want to deal with being in law enforcement with their hands tied.

        Another report just released put NM in the bottom 10 for quality of life. They mostly cited crime, but wages are low, unemployment high, taxes are high, and the education system ranks low, as well. The economy and crime do not paint pretty pictures of NM. On the other hand, we do have a diverse population that gets along pretty well, great climate, beautiful scenery, and lots of stuff to do; so, as I said, the “Enchantment Factor”, plays a major role in people coming to and staying in NM.

      • You have to have accountability in the first place before it can even start to be what it used to be. While on the subject of crime, here’s an interesting tidbit. Did you know Crime Stoppers was started in Albuquerque in 1976 when a young detective trying to solve a murder case had the idea to put up a hotline where anonymous tips on the murder could be called in. It worked, they solved the murder, and Crime Stoppers was born.

      • I think there’s a whole debate on where accountability went and why. I watched this great piece, I wish I had saved the link, it talked about the de-evolution of man (primarily thought processes), and where we’re heading, oh how happy, it was in fact very interesting.

        Thank you, I love that you shared the tidbit about Crime Stoppers, now he’s a thinker!

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