Repeat Offender



7 thoughts on “Repeat Offender

  1. Hi Tim, you are too funny and I love your sense of humor. The first photo is wonderful showing the parking garage signage, great shot. Terrific job on the stairs in eight (8) minutes. The security is a bit lax if they’re just now noticing you, laughing always point to “him”, poor Bruce. What an interesting kiosk clink, Bruce did a great job of channeling Tesla. Thank you for the mention, the link and a good laugh this morning, love the numbers and numbers. ~ Mia

    • Thanks, Mia! Photographers just want to have fun. Bruce is a good sport and a great actor, and has a way with kitties too. After our discussion of the numbers with numbers in your photo, I couldn’t resist. I foot noted you so my using numbers with numbers would make sense. I think some of the people who follow me will will really appreciate your brilliant posts.

      • Tim, you’re most welcome. Photographers do just want to have fun, sometimes I wonder if we’re our own greatest audience, we enjoy laughing while creating. It took me a moment to catch on to the numbers and when I did, it was an out loud laugh, I greatly appreciated the humor! Bruce is a good sport, nice to read that he’s good with the kitties too, they know who’s who. Thanks for the kind words about my posts, that’s most gracious of you.

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