Walking the Dog




11 thoughts on “Walking the Dog

  1. Hi Tim, nice photo of Downtown Albuquerque and the Dog Walker. The colors are beautiful, I noticed a lot of things are painted in shades of blue, maybe turquoise, is it just my imagination or is this right? ~ Mia

    • Hi Mia. Your observations are correct. Lots of blues and lots of turquoise are used to paint buildings and infrastructure around these parts. One of the current license plate colors is turquoise plate with yellow letters/numbers. You see a lot of yellow and red and yellow and turquoise used as accent colors, as well.

      • Thank you. it makes sense to have a Southwest theme throughout, it certainly is colorful and very pretty. Our go to color here seems to be gray! Yay! Laughing!

      • We get lots of gray out here, as well, along with sandy tans and various browns. But there as been a lot more use of brighter colors in construction in recent years, which is nice.

      • I think grays are more of a big city thing. I remember how some of the Spaniards complained about how the city folks looked down on the villagers for all their colorful clothing and buildings. I knew many Madrileños who thought the country folks were real hicks for all their colors. I’ve worn all black for the past 25 years. It was considered weird to wear all black all the time in the 1990’s around here, but it was seen as perfectly normal when we lived in Madrid in the late 90’s. Hardly anyone says anything about my black attire these days. Although, a couple of years ago I had to go to an interview we were shortlisted on. I wore a suit with a white shirt. It was pure pandemonium at the office when staff saw me in a white shirt. I had clients, consultants and venders comment for weeks afterwards that they had heard rumors that I was spotted wearing a white shirt.

      • I didn’t know that about the color distinction between city folks and villagers. In reference to the white shirt, did you tell everyone that white was the new black, just for one day?

      • No. I wasn’t clever enough. They all had fun with their comments and teasing me, plus we got the job — so it was all worth it for the fun and laughs and landing a good contract.

    • I don’t see a lot of little dogs dressed up out here. Even in the wintertime. Thanks, Cathy!

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