Cattle Ramp Quandary



10 thoughts on “Cattle Ramp Quandary

  1. Hi Tim, beautiful photos this morning to start the day. I think the old cattle ramp is a keeper, it seems to belong there.I love the photos of the irrigation ditch too, it’s really something. ~ Mia

    • Thanks, Mia. I talked to the owner of the lots this morning, and we are in agreement that we should preserve the old cattle ramp. The irrigation ditch system is interesting, but they put so many restrictions on the water use these days, I would prefer they close the ditch and give us back land that the original property owners gave to the conservancy district in exchange for irrigation rights. We would gain back between a 1/4 and a 1/3 acre of land.

  2. Glad you’re keeping the old cattle ramp; it has character. And who knows–someday you may well decide to host a Running of the Bulls, Tim, and it’ll come in handy.

      • You gave it life for awhile longer. If it were on my property, I might consider putting it to use as a trellis for a flowering vine.

      • Hi Cathy. The cattle ramp is a quarter mile down the road from the house. It will just have to have native plants around it.

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