A Persistence of Green Chile Gloves




11 thoughts on “A Persistence of Green Chile Gloves

  1. Hi Tim, another terrific GIF of the Average White Boys. I’m surprised that you had the energy to go for a walk and get your steps in, go Tim! I was also surprised that there wasn’t much kitty help with the chilies. ~ Mia

    • Thanks, Mia! I’m trying to get back in shape. Slowly but surely. The cats have been down right pathetic when it comes to helping lately. I hung the backdrop over the mirror to block out all the confusion the mirror was causing, and the kitties just played and played with the back drop after I was done with the AWB shoot, but they refused to participate in the shoot. They think the AWBs are a bunch of un-cat-worthy, white trash low lives — rotten cats!

  2. You’re welcome, Tim. Good going on getting back in shape! Cats are sometimes not too helpful, although they are good at finding ways to entertain themselves. We do love those “rotten cats!” I searched using “chili” and only one additional post came up.

    • HI Mia. You won’t find much of anything using “Chili”, as you discovered. Chili is what they eat in Texas. We spell it with an “e” on the end like the country. Try searching “chile”.

    • Chile prep is a lot of work, but you have to do it this time of your or go without chiles. We have to have green chiles. Thanks, Fraggle.

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